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Make sure you're covered for medical expenses and emergency evacuation arising from accident or acute illness whilst travelling abroad. Usually, domestic coverage is not sufficient. Ensuring you have appropriate travel insurance could avoid any nasty costs during your stay abroad.

We've teamed up with top-notch experts who can offer you flexible, unlimited International Travel Insurance at affordable prices. Policies can be bought online and receive your insurance confirmation immediately by email. What's more, their service is adapted to the needs of international students through a multi-lingual website, insurance documents and a 24-hour helpline.


CareMed GOLD Schedule of Benefits

CareMed International Travel Insurance – Policy wording 2013/2014 - ACE E. Ltd. AA- A+ rated

Health/Accident Insurance (HA)

Medical expenses in case of injury

€/US$ unlimited

Medical expenses in case of acute illness

€/US$ unlimited

Deductible per injury or illness

€/US$ 0

Non-emergency room for zone 1 only (USA & Canada)

€/US$ 250

Emergency dental case –relief of pain

€/US$ 500

Dental treatment in case of accident

€/US$ 1.500

Psychiatric Evaluation

€/US$ 500

Mental/nervous disorder

€/US$ 500

Medical repatriation

€/US$ 100.000

Repatriation of remains

€/US$ 10.000

Medical expenses in case of accident

€/US$ unlimited



€/US$ 750

Diagnostic X-Ray and Lab services

€(US$ 1.000

Diagnostic CAT scans and MRI:

€/US$ 1.000

Medical aids

€/US$ 250

The above medical benefits are subjected to the terms, limitations and exclusions of the policy.

Hazardous Sports Coverage (X)

Medical expenses incurred for treatment of a hazardous sports injury   €/US$ 50.000

Travel Accident Indemnity Insurance (I)

Death €/US$ 13.000
* Complete Disability €/US$ 50.000
Salvage Search and Rescue Charges €/US$ 5.000

* Covers compensation for disability and loss of life or limb. Medical costs resulting from accident are covered within the Travel Health/Accident Insurance and are subjected to the maximum limits.

Travel Assistance (T)
Family Reunion Benefits €/US$ 2.500

Interruption of Trip Benefit (available for lon g-term traveler only - 3 months+)

€/US$ 2.000

Travel Luggage Insurance (L)

Deductible any one event (does not apply for checked luggage)

€/US$ 50

Theft/damage of persons property

€/US$ 1.500

Watches and Valuables – 50% of sum insured

€/US$ 750

Checked Luggage Delay

€/US$ 500

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

€/US$ 250

Lost Airline Ticket €/US$ 100

Travel Third party Liability Insurance (3)

Personal Liability

€/US$ 1.000.000

Damage to Property

€/US$ 150.000

Overall for personal liability

and damage to property not

to exceed €/US$ 1.000.000

The aggregate limit for the personal liability coverage per insured equals the limit above

Benefit limits are in US$ in USA & Canada. In any other country benefits limits are in €.


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