General Condition

1. The tour will be held in English.

2. Please bring your original passport.

3. Belo USA Travel Inc is not responsible for buying any bus, train or airplane tickets from the participants´ home city to the departure of the trip and return.

4. The trip coordinator reserves the right to make changes in the schedule, when necessary, or if it is in the best interest of the group.

5. Lodging does not cover incidental costs, such as phone calls, mini-bar purchases, etc. If the participant decides to use these services, they are responsible for paying these costs.

6. Keep luggage to a minimum. The maximum amount allowed is 23 kg (50 pounds) and a carryon bag (small bag or back pack). Extra luggage fees are not included.

7. All departure/arrival times from/to our activities will be decided by the coordinators, depending on the exact length of each activity.

8. The trip has a limited number of vacancies, which will be filled on a “first come – first serve” basis.

9. Please note that additional expenses are different for each individual. We believe that USD 25.-/per day is enough for food, extra entertainment, optional items, etc. but remember to bring additional money if you are planning to buy gifts.

10. There will be plenty of ATM machines available during the entire course of the trip in case you need more money.

11. All prices are in USD (USD Dollars). In case of payment by international wire transfer in your local currency (different than USD), the  exchange rate to be considered for conversion will be the one listed by Chase Bank S.A. on the day that the payment arrives in the US.

12. Lost & Found: all the participants´ items found during the trip will be sent to Belo USA Travel´ office and kept for 60 days after the end of the trip. Any participant who has lost something must send us an e-mail with the description of the item within 60 days of the end of the trip. Postage to return the item to any participant is the participant´s responsibility.

13. All participants who take part in this trip grant image use rights to Belo USA Travel Inc to produce a trip Video, as well as use of photos from the trip on our website and program materials.

14. Please make any comments or complaints regarding the trip in writing (via email or standard letter) to Belo USA Travel within 30 days of the end of the trip to ensure Belo USA Travel a chance to respond. All contracts with Belo USA Travel Inc officially end 30 days after the trip and Belo USA Travel Inc. the tour operator, is therefore relinquished of any responsibility.

15. Once any participant requests the description of any of the trip's programs organized by Belo USA Travel, the client declares to know and to agree with all the terms of this “General Conditions”, that can be found in our trip program or on our web site.


Cancellation and Refund Policy:

16. In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, Belo USA Travel reserves the right to cancel the trip or to transfer the date and/or to offer other options of tours as well, according to the clients wish. If this occurs, all payments already made will be returned in full.

17. If the participant chooses to cancel, a penalty according to the date of the written order to cancel the trip, read below:

·         Cancelled more than 30 days before the beginning of the trip: 20% of the trip's price.

·         Cancelled between 29 and 11 days before the   beginning of the trip: 85% of the trip's price.

·         Cancelled between 10 days or less before the beginning of the trip: 100% of the trip's price.

18. Any cancellations or withdrawals must be made in writing – via letter, fax or email – by the tour's participant to Belo USA Travel.

19. In case of trip cancellation due to unforeseen issues (organization´s decision, health, climate, etc.), there will be a charge of processing fee in the amount paid (up to 9,75%) plus any bank/credit card fees associated;

20. Any participant who leaves the trip during the program, for any reason, will not receive any refund.

21. Any cancellations or withdrawals must be made in writing – via letter, fax or email – by the tour's participant to Belo USA Travel.

22. Belo USA Travel is not responsible for any reimbursements or change fees associated with flight or travel arrangements if not purchased through Belo USA Travel Inc.