Frequently Asked


What is Belo USA Travel Inc.?
We are a tour operator who specialize tours for international exchange students. We have created unique programs for students to visit the most important tourist points in the United States.

Who can go on your trips?
Our tours are specialized for high school international exchange students. All students must be here with an exchange organization and have written permission to travel with us.

Are flights included in the program price?
No. Flights are not included in program costs.

Can I book my flight once I’ve made a reservation? Can you help me book my flight?
No. You must wait to receive a Trip Confirmation email first. The trip confirmation email will give you detailed instructions to purchase your flight and make your final payment.
We can help you purchase a flight for a $35.00 booking fee. Please call our office with your credit card ready to make the purchase.

When will the trip be confirmed?
We will confirm a trip once 35 students have made a reservation. An email will be sent to you as soon as the trip is confirmed.

Can anyone join me on the trip?
Host siblings and friends may join you on the trip if a.) They are also in high school and b.) are approved by your exchange organization.

I work for an exchange student organization. Can my students join your programs?
Yes. Our trips are open to any high school exchange student as long as they are in the United States with an exchange organization. If you would like to advertise our programs to your students or to create a specialized program – please send us an email at


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