Together with people from all different parts of the world we created the best week during our exchange year and a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have hopefully got lifelong friends and a week to look back on, thank you Belo for that.

Nils, Sweden – California Adventure


Running into Harry Winston in Beverly Hills, posing with Stars in Hollywood, being a princess for a day at Disneyland or flying through Hogwarts at the Universal studios? Walking over the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting China town, taking pictures of sea lions at pier 39 or a city tour through the amazing city of San Francisco? I would never be able to choose my favorite activity with Belo. But I do know that this was the best week not only of my exchange year but also of my life! Belo is all about experiencing different cultures, creating friendships all over the world and memories that will last a lifetime. I couldn’t be happier to spend my best days of my life with Belo!

Greta, Germany – California Adventure


The Hawaii Expedition was one of the best weeks in my life. We went surfing, hiking, swimming in the ocean, and got to know some of the different cultures of Hawaii. It was a great week with lots of new experiences that will be in my mind for the rest of my life.  Everybody who has the chance to do this trip I would highly recommend it.  


Pascal, Switzerland – Hawaii Expedition


“This Belo trip was definitely one of the best week I’ve spent during my exchange year and probably also during my whole life. During only one week, I’ve seen lots of places, I’ve learnt about things I would never have learned in a classroom, I’ve met so many awesome people from all over the world...
Belo did an amazing job with this trip. The days are perfectly planned and this is probably why we had so much fun. The staff is so nice, well-informed, and funny. I would like to thank everybody that contributed to this trip, staff and students, because I had a great time and it’s because of you all!”

Justine, Switzerland – NYC, Philly, and DC Trip


“I appreciated the warmth of the sun here at California, the place where I completely fell in love with. Here, the time passes differently from our ordinary life. It is slower but never dull, rather it is relaxing and calming. At the same time, it is busy with transforming into something different each and every day. Unforgettable days at this fascinating place is the absolute best time during my exchange year. I met someone who wants to keep it as the lifelong friend and someone who is absolutely necessary for my life. Come visit this beautiful, inspiring place with Belo... you’ll realize so many things that you never ever came up in your mind. Los Angeles and San Francisco... these mesmerizing cities will never let you go, but it will makes you smile every time you remember it.”

Fumika, Japan – California Adventure


“I loved this trip to Hawaii! It was the most amazing week of my life and I will always remember all the friends I made there. We had so much fun and did so many activities; my favorite one was surfing, especially that I got to do it twice, but I really loved everything and Hawaii is so pretty. There is nothing I wouldn’t give away to be able to live this experience one more time”.

 Sarah, Belgium –  Hawaii Expedition

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