European Summer 2021

Date: July 13 - 31 2021

This once in a lifetime adventure across Europe where you will discover the diversity of eleven European countries, the charm, and grandeur of quintessential iconic cities, all while building incredible friendships that will last forever!

Visit the most emblematic cities that Europe has to offer such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Venice. Marvel at beautiful natural sites like the Postojna Caves in Slovenia, the magnificent Swiss Alps, or the pretty Italian Coast just outside Venice!

Picture yourself on the top of the Eiffel Tower, gliding down the serene canals in Amsterdam, or wandering along the misty Charles Bridge in Prague. The photo opportunities are endless!

Hungry? Tingle your taste buds on crepes and croissants in Paris, Belgian chocolate and waffles in Brussels or schnitzel in Vienna, explore the tantalizing tastes and smells with the local cuisine at each stop.

Whether it is biking in Amsterdam, posing for a selfie at the Berlin Wall, or relaxing on a gondola ride in Venice, the EuroTour has something for every traveler.

Click here to join us on our travels around this amazing continent called Europe! Immerse yourself in this travel adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life!


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